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Stormy days but signs of life in Boat Building

The recession was looming but builders were being advised to follow the auto industry by consolidating brands, streamlining production and improving or refining proven models. Then the economy went into reverse and the leisure boat market evaporated.

Many big name builders were left ‘high and dry’ with their now efficient mass production lines. However, there were still signs of life in some smaller custom and semi-custom boat yards which, by being smaller, normally did not run with a high level of debt. These smaller shops also have the versatility, tools and skills to be able to build to a clients’ ambitions.


The quick thinking and versatility that helps these shops survive in hard times also renders them as development grounds for new techniques and products. In fact, most of the successfully mass produced elements of boat builds evolved out of these smaller businesses building custom boats for both the commercial and recreational markets.

These independent boat yards can be a little single-minded but they are where interesting designers and clients go to try new ideas long before tooling or production runs are thought about.


All epoxy Coastal Cat 36′

It is great that this industry still has space for independent minds and skills to enable it to keep plugging along even when times are hard. Builders who can take a design and refine or improve it to suit a customer who is willing to pay a fair price are the cornerstone of the boat building industry.

30′ Aluminum Passenger/Cargo Vessel

The brief for this project was to supply a vessel suitable for passenger use but which could also carry up to two tons of cargo when necessary and with seating removed. Again we looked to Specmar Design for a suitable plan and CNC kitset.

Power needed to be big enough to push the boat along at reasonable speed when fully loaded and to enable high speed when running as a passenger service. Selected engine was Yanmar 6LPAM-STZP2 which has a rating of 315 HP @ 3,800 rpm. Drive fitted is the Mercruiser Bravo II-X sterndrive unit.

The cabin is built using epoxy/foam sandwich in order to keep boat weight down and for aesthetic reasons ie. nice rounded corners and better styling than can be attained easily using aluminum.

Aluminum Landing Craft

This vessel was constructed for an up-market Phuket resort. Access to the resort is only by sea and the owner wanted an adaptable, fast, safe and reliable boat. The landing craft is used for passenger and stores transportation, day picnic excursions and dive trips.

This design is from Specmar and the vessel is powered with a 240 HP Yanmar LHAM diesel plus Mercruiser Bravo II-X sterndrive unit.

Top speed during sea trials was 28 knots with comfortable cruising in medium sea conditions at 22 knots.

Steel Motor Yacht

Let us build your Steel Motor or Sailing Yacht and make the dream come true.

Arthur Ransome once said in his book, “The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting-place. It is for that reason, perhaps, that, when it comes, the desire to build a boat is one of those that cannot be resisted. It begins as a little cloud on a serene horizon. It ends by covering the whole sky, so that you can think of nothing else. You must build to regain your freedom. And always you comfort yourself with the thought that yours will be the perfect boat, the boat that you may search the harbours of the world for and not find.”

steel boat

Very small amount of filler required for fairing

This particular design can be supplied with full interior customization drawn by a qualified marine interior designer. The full interior design package comes complete with CNC [dxf] cutting files to enable rapid construction of the interior and furniture.

The layout and styling are carefully considered in the build of your new boat and you get to work directly with the interior designer so that the level of customization achieved is exactly what you want.

All non-structural bulkheads, window moldings and furniture are constructed using rot-proof GRP in very light sandwich type construction then faired and sanded for a paint finish.

Do not under-estimate the required budget for a high quality steel boat of around 50′ and be aware that the price to build a custom vessel like this in 2013 is a minimum of US$850,000 at any professional boat building yard.

Steel Trawler Yacht

A transom door and large swim/dive platform were two of the many additions made to the boat pictured

It is important that, where possible, all potential changes or customization’s are mutually agreed upon as viable prior to the project starting and written in as additions to the draft contract for implementation.

We are currently developing four acres of land at Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand and have the ability to transport boats up to 20M [65′] in length with considerable beam of up to 9M [29.5′] for launching at a local dockyard.

Get your dream boat built by Coastal Boats in Thailand at a fair price for excellent quality and start cruising to search those harbors of the world.

For a testimonial to our work from a client who had a 36′ boat built please click here.

Pilot House Fitout

Pilot house furniture pre-fitted

Coastal boats

View to port of pilot house lining and furniture

Steel trawler yacht

Handmade GRP furniture, rot proof and very light.

Coastal Boats

Pilot house floor ready for polyurethane.

Coastal Boats

The superstructure was fitted out separately as the boat required moving to the launch area in two parts

steel yacht

One of the fuel tanks ready for testing

Steel trawler yacht

Granite tops being fitted in galley

Aluminum door

High quality aluminum doors and windows.

stainless steel work

Teak rail and stainless steel handrails.

Coastal boats

Finished spiral staircase steps.

Steel trawler yacht

Granite top, double sink, GRP window moldings

Coastal Boats wood work

White oak floor, GRP molded seating, Cherry veneer interior finish

Coastal boats