Boats For Sale

We currently have three stock boats for sale:

1. 9.5 meter planing catamaran, forward cabin with partitioned bed and toilet, open main cabin layout with 2.2 meter headroom in center, ventilation hatches in cabin top and deck above bed and toilet. Twin 150 HP outboards are recommended powering. aluminum planing catamaran

2. 30′ monohull with center console and built to accept power up to twin 300 HP outboards. The boat requires some finishing work and is priced at 650,000 Thai baht including hull buffing, Nyalic coating and bottom paint.

3. A 10.84M x 4.8M passenger catamaran which can accept powering to 4 x 250HP outboards with addition of pods or up to twin 350HP as built. This vessel requires electrical work to finish and we have just sold a sister vessel which is now being used for ferry operation in Cambodia [scroll down to view]. Price ‘as is where is’ 4.8 million Thai baht or completed with outboard pods and electrical work but no engines/controls 5.5 million Thai baht.

Sister vessel in operation in Cambodia