Buddhist Keel Laying Ceremony for 3 Aluminum Catamarans

By March 18, 2014Catamarans

Construction of the three aluminum catamarans is now officially underway following a traditional Buddhist keel laying ceremony at our Sattahip factory last Sunday. aluminum catamaran keel laid
The ceremony aims to help make construction proceed as smoothly as possible and is taken very seriously by the Thai staff. ‘Sabai Jai’ or ‘good feeling in the heart’ is assured for everyone involved when the ceremony is performed properly. aluminum boat builder
Fire crackers are lit and go off with extreme noise to frighten away any bad spirits which may be hanging around.boat keel laying ceremony
Our ceremony was performed by a knowledgeable Buddist lay practitioner. A lay practitioner is simply one who has not been fully ordained as a monk or nun. Generally Buddist tradition views the lay person as fully capable to become enlightened. Buddhist boat blessing

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