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Monohull for Interisland Passenger and Cargo Use

This 30′ monohull came as a hull only design from Specmar Design USA so we are building the superstructure from scratch, no plan or cut parts. The brief is for a vessel to handle passengers or loads of copra so the aft cover is removable and breaks down into single parts which can be easily stored in the shelves built into the hull sides.

A full walk-around cabin was required so to maximize cabin space and keep passengers and odors outside it was decided to move the toilet/shower outside the cabin. With the back cover frames installed and the cover on them the toilet will be less noticeable.aluminum monohull constructionThis boat is powered by a 6 cylinder 315 HP Yanmar diesel and Bravo II X stern drive.alloy boat buildingboat toilet constructionaluminum superstructure construction

Motorized aluminum barge/work platform for Marina or general use

Next project about to get underway is a Motorized Aluminum Barge/Work Platform specifically designed for use in a mining company tailings dam.

The vessel will be fitted with a manual crane and be powered by a Perkins M92B engine with ZF 3.01:1 marine gear. Propeller size is calculated at 23″ x 23.5″ x 4B x 0.70(KCA), with Prop efficiency: 41.8%.

Designed mainly as a working platform to handle a maximum loading of 600kg it will also have excellent pull/push ability.DSCN7635

This very capable vessel with a top speed of 7 knots will be ideal for use in a Marina providing a stable working platform for general maintenance, boat engine removals etc.

Two fold-up 1 meter wide working platforms are fitted, one forward and the other extending 4 meters along the starboard side. These are designed to enable easy access when working on floating pipelines within the tailings dam.

DSCN7552 DSCN7561
DSCN7584 DSCN7574
DSCN7537 barge-sml1

30′ Aluminum Passenger/Cargo Vessel

The brief for this project was to supply a vessel suitable for passenger use but which could also carry up to two tons of cargo when necessary and with seating removed. Again we looked to Specmar Design for a suitable plan and CNC kitset.

Power needed to be big enough to push the boat along at reasonable speed when fully loaded and to enable high speed when running as a passenger service. Selected engine was Yanmar 6LPAM-STZP2 which has a rating of 315 HP @ 3,800 rpm. Drive fitted is the Mercruiser Bravo II-X sterndrive unit.

The cabin is built using epoxy/foam sandwich in order to keep boat weight down and for aesthetic reasons ie. nice rounded corners and better styling than can be attained easily using aluminum.