Fusion 40 kitset catamaran

For high quality GRP components the Fusion 40 catamaran kit set cannot be beaten. Resin infused to achieve optimum resin to glass ratio and superb gelcoat finish, eighty of these kits have been sold to date. If you are interested in buying a kit or having one of these boats built please contact us – info at boatsbycoastal dot com.

fusion 40 catamaran

Resin being infused by vacuum

kit set catamaran

A fully infused hull

The catamaran kit parts are infused with a modified vinylester-epoxy type resin which has exceptional air bubble exclusion properties, fluidity and an acceptable gel time.

resin infused boat kit

The simple setup using buckets for the resin

The finished kit parts fit together very accurately and the construction goes ahead quickly as can be seen in the following photos.

kitset catamaran

The kit parts fit is very accurate

Fusion catamarans

Aft steps and beam have been bonded

Coastal Boats can supply a kit set or build a Fusion 40 to any required stage.