Motorized aluminum barge/work platform for Marina or general use

Next project about to get underway is a Motorized Aluminum Barge/Work Platform specifically designed for use in a mining company tailings dam.

The vessel will be fitted with a manual crane and be powered by a Perkins M92B engine with ZF 3.01:1 marine gear. Propeller size is calculated at 23″ x 23.5″ x 4B x 0.70(KCA), with Prop efficiency: 41.8%.

Designed mainly as a working platform to handle a maximum loading of 600kg it will also have excellent pull/push ability.DSCN7635

This very capable vessel with a top speed of 7 knots will be ideal for use in a Marina providing a stable working platform for general maintenance, boat engine removals etc.

Two fold-up 1 meter wide working platforms are fitted, one forward and the other extending 4 meters along the starboard side. These are designed to enable easy access when working on floating pipelines within the tailings dam.