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9 Meter Planing Catamaran Started

We have commenced the construction of a 9 meter planing catamaran. This boat is designed as a day sportfisher or could be used for recreational diving. The projected top speed is 35 knots when powered by twin 150 HP outboards.

This boat is for sale so if you are interested please email info@boatsbycoastal.com

9 Meter Planing Catamaran

Pumpkin Island Ferry Progress

Now into week 11 work on the ferry for Pumpkin Island in Australia is progressing smoothly. Full welding of hull and decks is complete and fabrication of the superstructure and upper deck is well underway.alloy ferryWindows and doors have been ordered and should arrive by the end of this month. Engines for this boat will be fitted in Australia so sea trials will also be done there.
aluminum catamaran construction DSCN8589 DSCN8595 DSCN8596

Week 7 of Pumpkin Island Ferry construction

This 11.80 meter aluminum ferry which is being built to Australian government survey NSCV 1D now has the hulls fully plated and 60% of the hull internal welding finished. The first survey inspection was passed two weeks ago and construction is on schedule.aluminum surveyed ferry
Hull plating has proceeded without a hitch and all parts fitted exactly.
ferry for Queensland
We are currently stopped for the annual Songkran festival [Thai New Year] and work will restart on the 20th April 2015.
alloy ferry for Pumpkin Island

Ferry for Pumpkin Island, Queensland – Week 4

Frame set-up was completed early in Week 3 and we now have all the tunnel and inner side plate fitted and tacked. Bottom plate outside up to the chine has also been fitted and tacked. We now await the first visit from the Australian surveyor and. assuming all is ok, will start fully welding the hulls inside and the main deck.

aluminum boat welding