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9 Meter Planing Catamaran Started

We have commenced the construction of a 9 meter planing catamaran. This boat is designed as a day sportfisher or could be used for recreational diving. The projected top speed is 35 knots when powered by twin 150 HP outboards.

This boat is for sale so if you are interested please email info@boatsbycoastal.com

9 Meter Planing Catamaran

30′ Aluminum Passenger/Cargo Vessel

The brief for this project was to supply a vessel suitable for passenger use but which could also carry up to two tons of cargo when necessary and with seating removed. Again we looked to Specmar Design for a suitable plan and CNC kitset.

Power needed to be big enough to push the boat along at reasonable speed when fully loaded and to enable high speed when running as a passenger service. Selected engine was Yanmar 6LPAM-STZP2 which has a rating of 315 HP @ 3,800 rpm. Drive fitted is the Mercruiser Bravo II-X sterndrive unit.

The cabin is built using epoxy/foam sandwich in order to keep boat weight down and for aesthetic reasons ie. nice rounded corners and better styling than can be attained easily using aluminum.

Aluminum Landing Craft

This vessel was constructed for an up-market Phuket resort. Access to the resort is only by sea and the owner wanted an adaptable, fast, safe and reliable boat. The landing craft is used for passenger and stores transportation, day picnic excursions and dive trips.

This design is from Specmar and the vessel is powered with a 240 HP Yanmar LHAM diesel plus Mercruiser Bravo II-X sterndrive unit.

Top speed during sea trials was 28 knots with comfortable cruising in medium sea conditions at 22 knots.