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9 Meter Planing Catamaran Started

We have commenced the construction of a 9 meter planing catamaran. This boat is designed as a day sportfisher or could be used for recreational diving. The projected top speed is 35 knots when powered by twin 150 HP outboards.

This boat is for sale so if you are interested please email info@boatsbycoastal.com

9 Meter Planing Catamaran

10.85 Meter Dive/Fishing Catamaran Almost Complete

Our 10.85 meter catamaran is currently having mechanical installation completed and awaiting the electrical wiring and system. Q-SPD surface drives and Steyr 286 engines have been installed. The boat also has a Fischer Panda 8000i generator, air conditioning, water maker and a WASSP marine sonar.

surface drive ubit

Q-SPD surface drive unit

Steyr 286 Marine Diesel

Windows and doors have all been fitted.

Marine windows fitted

Cabin aft view in cockpit

Pumpkin Island Ferry Construction – Week 13

All fabrication apart from handrails and a few small jobs is now complete and full welding of superstructure will be finished next week. The bow ramp, side door, stairs to upper deck and deck hatches fit well with the look and purpose of this vessel.

aluminum ferry

View with bow ramp closed

alloy boat

Bow ramp shown in open position

Starboard side view

Starboard side view

Side door in open position

Side door in open position

View of port side forward seat and deck

View of port side forward seat and deck

Deck hatches allow storage for empty scuba tanks

Deck hatches allow storage for empty scuba tanks

aluminum catamaran construction

Stairs to the upper deck